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Freitag, 4. Dezember 2009


Being amish is not always easy. In order to let some dudes see me naked, I had to remove my nipples. We couldn't afford a professional, so my older brother did it in the barn. That's why it didn't heal very well, but the healing still continues, and I guess ut'll be fine.

Sonntag, 29. November 2009

I am art

Don't think about questioning my missing tits and nipples.
I am a piece of art, and I am to be admired!
I am exposed in various art-houses, and I am well payed to be pretty.
Further body modifications to come... you'll be surprised.

Montag, 23. November 2009

The slut

I am 45 years old, and have 3 kids. The neighbourhood, actually the whole suburb, is talking about me as "the slut".
It is true that I had an excessive lovelife, and yes, I brought shame on my kids. I even had this relationship to a neighbourboy, who is 28 years younger than me. It's not easy to resist him, when he looks at me with his eyes as if they were saying, "I want to eat you now".
However, I thought that if I'd remove my nipples, I would be less attractive to men, and my sexlife would calm down. I want to be a loving and reasonable mother, and nothing else.
Long story short, I had my nipples removed, but the neighbourboy is even much more turned on now.

I was obliged

I had breastreduction, since mine were simply too big, and because of some mistakes from the surgeon, the nipples had to go. They could not have been reattached anymore, but instead they could have caused some infection.

Montag, 16. November 2009

Me too

I can just confirm what the others say.
Feeling extremely free, and being permanently hot and horny.

Only the concentrations some times at work gets lost, cause there is one thing I always keep thinking about.

Scars remain

It almost looks as if there are no scars, unfortunately there are some.
With your finger over the place where the nipples were, you can feel it, but we use makeup to hide them as good as possible.

Pretty it is anyway, right?

Teasing you

Wouldn't you wanna see whether or not there are nipples?
Especially since you can not figure them under my top?
..quite teasing.

Actually yes, I have done it too.